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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Know Your Rain-out Policy

You may be thinking about booking your tournament for the Fall or Spring. That's great! Remember, Houston weather (in fact, ALL WEATHER) can be unpredictable and it's a good idea to know your course's rain-out policy.

A lot of golf courses subscribe to the "we go until we can't go theory." Meaning, unless the course is flooded or there is lightning, we're playing! After all, you CAN golf in the rain (just ask the pros!). You and your players should be prepared to get wet if it's just lightly raining.

Most courses will offer you a rain date, but many will not allow you to set that date until your tournament is actually rained out. They do this for good reason. They don't want to hold a date for your rain date and miss out on booking another great event when the weather on your originial date turns out to be perfect! Have a few dates in mind for rain dates and in the event your original tournament actually DOES get rained out, check with the course to see if your second, third, or even fourth option is available!

But what if you've already started playing when the rains come? This happens more often than you'd think. Generally, if your players get in at least 9 holes, the course will consider it a complete tournament and score it as such. You'll still be able to host your awards ceremony and with a few adjustments, enjoy your food. Just make sure if you're working with a caterer, you let them know the event has ended early and you'll need the food ASAP.

If your players only get in a few holes, you can either wait it out and if the course has the availibility (check with them first) go out and finish your round. If it's a complete wash, ask if you can reschedule OR receive rain checks for each player. The course will usually be more than happy to do this, although you will be charged full price for your event.

I hope these tips help as you begin planning your tournament. Remember, if you need any additional assistance, we're here to help! Email to find out how to have the best tournament possible!

Happy (rain free!) golfing!

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